Saiyuki Gaiden: Kouga no Shou.

Ummmm ok.

Some of it was pure, pure love, obviously. And some interesting additions to intrigue and backstory.


I sincerely hope that part in the middle was a SEVERE translation mistake because I spent ten minutes waiting in mild horror for Magical Girl Ten-chan and lovable sidekick Ken-pon.

If it WAS a long subbing error then please ignore this. If NOT then, Japan, you FAIL at being self-referential.

also kudos to the actors; I'm sure it was the original series dub cast and they were FANTASTIC. If they'd have had the guys from the later series dubs (especially a certain few persons) it wouldn't have been half as good, gripping, powerful or heart-wrenchingly brilliant.
 Exit Tunes presents Gumitiv 

Exit Tunes presents Ikemen Voice Paradise 3

Exit Tunes presents Kamikyoku o Utatte Mita 5

Exit Tunes presents Lon Best -Hisshi ni Utatte Mita 

 Exit Tunes presents Sekihan – Sekihan Obaachan no Nihon Mukashi Banashi 

Dear Exit Tunes,
Go die in a ditch. 

No love,


Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 13

Ohyesohyesohyesohyes. Magia. Magia. Though with the recent quality of ET stuff, loss of old names and shift towards more and more goddamn moeblob crap it will be OHSODIRE. Like the PSG stuff of ET12 I MEAN REALLY. I should be glad that they didn't attempt to tackle Corset Theme. I haven't liked an ET album for a while. What happened, ET? Remember Nowhere? Oblivious? Uninstall? Naraku no Hana? Brilliant stuff. AKATSUKI NO KURUMA = SUBLIME.


So why all this eurobeat jpop moeshit?  

Lose the lolis. So sick of goddamn loli jpop chiptune voices and genki-'humourous'-'joke' type stuff. Get adult female voices. Or MALE VOICES?! Like the BL album, that rocked (aside from Ryu's BATSHITINSANE version of Eden. That was so so painful). Get Takanori doing more stuff! His voice is cool, it always reminds me of a really bouncy, sporty uke-but-kinda-swaparound from a generic-all-boys-school-bl-anime type thing. Or Yusuke, his voice is like pure liquid sex ohhhhhhhhhhh the first 'tojite' of Kiss.I CAME. Or even Yuki. And I would even totally embrace more tenimyu stuff just for the lolz (and to be fair some are actually decent songs, musically. Aoku moeru honoo was good.)And I know we're in a recession, but the obsession with vocaloid/utatte mitta is getting beyond the pail. I know vocaloids are cheaper than proper humans and utatte mitta singers are cheaper than professional big names, and vocaloid/utatte/niconico producers won't demand the royalties or need to be paid the fees that established producers do but still... It gets kind of... wearing. I suppose its the musical equivalent of sweatshop labour. But its just boring, musically. argh. Magia's gonna be kinda crap isn't it. Oh well, Muzik Servant's mix still rocks so hard.
 Apparently they have absinthe in ASDA. I should get some and make cakes. But... money... 

But its so happy and nostalgic! I haven't tasted it since my mid-teens and all I remember is TASTES OF BURNING, but drinking it as neat shots to round off a night filled with blue WKDs and double vodkas probably wasn't the wisest way to savour the flavour

I never realised it was illegal until recently in the USA, but then they're all weird and prison-state-ish with their alcohol and no underage drinking and all that. I'm glad I got all my sex/drugs/booze/rock n' roll and all that out of the way by the time I was 16. Far, far more efficient.
yay custom hd 6870 
God, I seriously cannot believe level of writing that these (this certain) slash pairings' fangirls/boys use, considering that most, if not all of them, are older and supposedly far more sophisticated than the ones I've been used to from my BL fandoms. 

Honestly, marriage? Urple prose? Ridiculously jarring and sickening terms of endearment from characters and situations that so do not merit them? Descriptions so overdone and bad-middle-aged-women's-pulp-erotica-esque that it alternately makes one want to laugh out loud or remove one's brain with a fork? Mpreg? M-FUCKING-PREG I MEAN MY GOD PEOPLE.  This stuff would only just fly even in Gravitation, and that's only because Shuichi is Shuichi and canon is so crackily, wonderfully insane . 

And ohgod the writers themselves. Furries. People who think they're elves for godsakes. Or that they have paws and speak in some weird half-scotch, half-archaic, half-god-knows-what language. Owowowow my brain my BRAIN.

And this stuff I'm reading, and god it must be a metric tonne by now, is meant to be the cream of the crop. The winners of awards, published in famous, international fanzines to be recounted and revered for years on end. Lauded by all and sundry. But if they'd stuck it on, say, the Clampesque board circa 2002/3, they and their works would be systematically and bloodily decimated within, ooooh, 20 minutes at most. Ari Seishirou would have their eyeballs for breakfast. These fanfics are horrible. Awful. I'm sorry but they are actually ruining the series for me and I have no idea how anyone is taking them seriously in any way at all. They're worse than some of the stuff I read on, mired deep in the bowels of the Gundam Wing and Weiss Kreuz sections, many years ago. And that is saying something. It's not just me. The Loveless kink meme, the Bleach kink memes, the Saiyuki meme and I'm really picky about my pairings and characterisation in that fandom, hell, even the Gundam Seed kink meme and there's only like three responses to that,  all  of these are miles, miles better written and characterised and way less cliched  and bad-erotic-like that any of this stuff.

Where are all the good fics? The honest-to-god hot fics that aren't peppered with ludicrous endearments and even more bizarre metaphors for male genitalia. And actually have the seme/uke my preferred way round. ONE story that I really, really like and is really, really, really hot (in my opinion) and hits my tastes. ONE GODDAMNED STORY, perhaps three or four at a push, is all I have to show for, what must be verging on three weeks (?) now in arguably the largest slash fandom, not merely on the net but in the Western world, and certainly oficially the most longstanding. GOD PEOPLE.
You know, a good number of my all-time-favourite pairings have never gone anywhere because 90% of the fandom see/write them the opposite way round to how I fundamentally see their characters, and it really, really, oh-so-really badly squicks me.

Yet again, I find this happening. Goddamit




RitsukaxSoubi (though fandom perception is now changing somewhat)

GojyoxHakkai (I actually remember when this flip round occurred. It almost seemed like a rather ungrounded backlash against popular trends that sadly morphed into a self-perpetuating myth and, very unfortunately, stuck)


GokuxSanzo (not that I really like the essentially asexual Sanzo with anyone, other than Rikudo or Yakumo I suppose, but if you  have to stick him with the hyper big-eyed shota-parody at least have the sense to realise the man is *so* not a top, least of all to *Goku* . Think about it. Goku idolises Gato not from a sexual POV as in oooooh-I-like-big-muscly-bara-hubba-hubba but in his wanting to *become* Gato, when considering Gato's relationship with the fragile, feminine Hazel. Thus Goku wishes to become big and strong like Gato to be the protector and sworn right-hand-man of Sanzo. Gato is to Hazel as Goku is to Sanzo. These parallels are drawn through the arc. Thus, whilst Sanzo may be a pushy, demanding, controlling, manipulative uke, its still essentially comparing him to Hazel in this relationship. Gah I'm too tired to try to explain this coherently but yeah ugetme.)

KoyouyaxYamato (This is there, I assure you. Watch their last episode)

KamuixSubaru (This should be obvious. Open your goddamn eyes people)


KenxAya (not that I really like Aya with anyone, similar to my Sanzo thing, but screw the Height Rule you guys, and screw the fact Koyasu thinks Aya is him. He isn't. Get over it. Move away from the seiyuu. The character is not a 'stoic', he is essentially a whiny, bratty, melodramatic, pretty little mama's boy who has hissy fits when things don't go his way.)

Ishida as an uke (Ishida is actually, beyond the whole externally fripperous facade of knitting, politeness, stereotypically-femenine-activities/whatever, quite reactionary and even, dare I say it, macho/testosterone driven. The whole thing with the hollow bait was basically him trying to prove his dick was bigger than Ichigo's, which is such a guy-thing to do. Seriously.)

HisokaxTsuzuki (Tsuzuki. Would. Not. Top. Hisoka. Hisoka is so, so macho-driven. It's really awful that just because he was raped at 13 and looks like a  pretty teenage girl (and is shorter and has bigger eyes and slimmer shoulders  *SERIOUSLY, DROP THE CLAMP RULES OF SEME/UKE*, fandom immediately condemns him to having everyone and their brother violate his ass. He wants revenge. He's constantly driven by it.He wants to hurt Muraki. Tsuzuki could never, never want revenge, he wouldn't be able to cope with the concept. The more people hurt him, the more he sees it as his own fault and just wants to hurt himself. He is submissive to a fault. He is often put in the position of seducee as well, off the toop of my head with Tatsumi and Muraki, whereas Hisoka never takes that role. Gah there's far more but god i'm so tired.)

Yuki Eiri (this annoys me as I don't really see him as much of a seme really, despite what he wants to be and is. I think the seme-ness may actually be borne out of a fear of what might happen if he were to let go of the control, as we see in the remixes where he's not with Shuichi, where he's turned into a complete and utter submissive whore, gangbanged by members of his own family even. Plus a two week dead sheep could top Shuichi. YukixShuichi is probably my least favourite couple in Gravitation, and I couldn't abide it in the anime, only the manga (which makes Shuichi far, far less two-dimensional [metaphorically, of course])
The sado-masochism of self-starvation burns with a deliciousness almost palatable. 
 After re-watching Boys Love 2 Theatre Edition, I have come to the conclusion that arguably one of its major themes is the importance of schools to recognise SEN and/or BESD children, and implement positive strategies to help them and their peers and staff to cope with, understand and overcome any issues that may arise from such, within a safe and nurturing environment.
Argh. Am hideous, fat, useless, thick little creature.  Also muscles are burning and my hair won't get volume where its supposed to have volume. Need to be thinner. Red Bull has three calories per 100ml and this confuses me and gah gah I eat too much. I'm too sane. I think.
That 'Skinny Bitch' book is a goddamn bloody travesty; an insane, irrational, one-dimensional piece of propaganda-ist crap. How dare those jumped-up creeps promote such illogical, baseless claims to so impressionable an audience. What scares me most is how many of its readers seem to wholly believe and bow down these. And even more than this, that I am almost positive that such mindless fawning is a mainly felt by overweight women and purely a product of the insecurity that they have because of this, and that the book overtly, openly, knowingly plays on to instigate its horrific madness.

Plus the idea that you have to be a vegan avoiding caffeine and antibiotics and stuff etc to be a perfect, model-like skinny bitch. I''m 5"6 and I've been 4 3/4 stone on three separate occasions and that was done completely on McVities Caramels, Coke Zero, Amoxcillin, diet Red Bull and occasionally tuna or fat-free yoghurt. One  was memorably and deliciously achieved on cornflakes dipped in golden syrup. None of which would be advocated by that book. Hell, you can stay at 5 - 5 1/2 st on just Roses Chocolates and Kinder Bueno. If you have like one or two chocolates a day and NOTHING ELSE, or nothing Mon-Sat and a half a Kinder Bueno or two jam-dipped toast crusts to gnaw on on Sunday or something similar, then you'll probably be skinnier than a Skinny Bitch. 

The thing that annoys me almost most is them trying to sell common sense. Eat less, eat lower calories etc and you lose weight, unless you have metabolic issues or blood-sugar issues or something. Indeed, numerous meat/dairy products are way more, not merely 'healthy' but slimming than tonnes of  'vegan' meals, e.g.  0% fat yoghurt, really, really lean wafer-thin sliced ham/chicken/turkey, virtually nonfat cream cheese, tinned crab, tinned tuna, loads of different steamed/baked white fishes such as cod, haddock, smoked haddock, plaice etc.: all of these are some of the healthiest and filling low calorie foods available and way more nutritious and vitamin/mineral rich than the vegan fare the book consistently promotes. 

The following itallicised lines are actual quotes from the book itself:

"Okay. Use your head. You need to get healthy if you want to get skinny. Healthy = skinny. Unhealthy = fat.”

“Eat the flesh of dead cows, dead pigs, and dead chickens. Avoid fresh fruit. You are a total moron if you think the Atkins diet will make you thin. Or you are a gluttonous pig who wants to believe you can eat cheeseburgers all day“

None of that makes any sense. Both in and of themselves and within the context of the book as a whole, both of those statements are completely illogical, subjective, and could be not only utterly shot down but thoroughly undermined and indeed, thrown back quite stingingly at the author/s. They would never stand in a court of law. I myself have in fact proved both of these statements completely wrong on numerous occasions, as I'm sure many others have, and I  would hope that anyone with even half a brain or a hideously average IQ would be able to see the illogical, irrational, ungrounded and, oh, I don't know,  UTTERLY BLOODY INSANE nature of this text's sickening propaganda.

And what's worse, worst, is the attitude. Bitchy self-righteous, shock-tactic, holier-than-thou; all when promoting bigoted tunnel-vision and narrow-minded ideas. Like their way is the only right way, the only way that will really work. I honestly have nothing against a society which promotes images of stick-thin people to emulate, that's cool, whatever. That's in no way my contention with the book or the issue. By all means, male, female, young, old; be a slave to fashion, be a slave to media images, starve yourself, paint your face, cripple your feet with killer heels (god only knows the holes in my toes but my sandals as just so gorgeous). And yeah, it's aesthetically pleasing (within boundaries, I suppose). I have nothing against Victoria Beckham, indeed I actually rather admire her dress sense and have gotten a number of my style ideas from her and Mary-Kate Olsen. Hell, sometimes I just love the looks they create and they, along with others of their ilk/models/fashion mags etc. certainly have somewhat influenced my shopping trips, like OOoooH if I had that _____ dress I could put it with the ______ shoes and my ________ glasses and a bit of that _____ eyeliner and yeah that would look really great especially perhaps with _______ scarf at ________ angle; and when its all executed perfectly it can be pretty stunning. That's fine. That's great. That's up to YOU. YOU'RE deciding based on your visual and mental processing of passive images etc. Not being fed overtly incorrect concrete information.

So do whatever the hell you want to turn yourself into the fantasy of visual perfection for whatever gender you desire to attract or whatever ideal you aspire to be, that's your choice as independent, thinking human beings and entities. But don't just follow like mindless sheep and don't be bullied into anything. Don't believe everything you read, or see. Make your own, informed choices, and there's often more ways than one to approach a conundrum.

Why is there not SeimeixRitsu? There should be SeimeixRitsu. With knives, and eye-sporking. And more SeimeixRitsuka. Seimei needs more love, the creepy little OCD pederast. 

Also talking of eye-sporking-- To the CANNOT UNSEE IT pairing I am currently oh-so-shamefully, oh-so-painfully tentatively venturing into as one might tentatively venture into a bath of plutonium: 

I am pushing down so many mental barriers even though its like watching a really horrifyingly fascinating car crash so why why can't you give me any fic that is somewhat decent and doesn't set off every single one of my ohgodhelpmetakeitaway squiks? PLease? Just a few, nice, good fics that don't make it burn and sting where the feelings are. That's all I ask.

Argh. It's like that bit in 'Bridget Jones' where she talks about going to Jacobs and Nicole Farhi and being so freaked out it sends her 'scuttling back to Miss Selfridge and Warehouse'. It's sort of tantalisingly alluring in the abstract but when you actually search for and start reading the fics and whilst they're good, yes, suddenly its not what I expected and then the owmychildhood and the burningmysoul and so I go scuttling back to the safe, pretty haven of Loveless and SeixSub and GinxKira and GojyoxHakkai and Muraki and SanadaxYukimura and TezuFuji and YagyuuxNiou and sappy AsuKira, DeaYza and stuff. Gah, it just feels so creepy and unusual. Perhaps I should return to the paragons of two-dimensional perfection, all lean, winnowy limbs and longing glances, scattered cherry-blossoms and kisses that taste of rain, shards of glass and blood and slim, pale necks supine under moonlight; the achingly sublime, unspoken melancholic longing that tears deep emotional vibrations with all the lyricism of The Waste Land and the Ariel Poems combined........


no but seriously, sex isn't something that should really venture into the three-dimensional world.  The real world isn't romanticised or aesthetically-pleasing or unrealistic enough.

oh god no why no oh my brain its ow oh why oh why i'll never be able to watch it again my childhood ruined why why would you do that  i've never even watched the bloody series i hate sci-fi anyway why why damn you channel 4 i hate you its burned burned into my retinas i tell you get out of my head i hate the show go away with your goddamn space ships but oh god i can still see it i see it in my mind and it wont go away theyre shagging in my mind and it wont fucking go away argh argh damn you mind damn you film for making it so canon i dont even care and its like pulling teeth but now suddenly its more horrifically squickily appealing than bleach or gravi or loveless or saiyuki or seisub or any of my beautiful pretty yaoi oh no nonononononooonooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
The American (USA) idea of making a biscuit different seems to lie within putting as many different external mix-ins as possible into essentially the same dough, 'cookie' dough. The European method traditionally favours more to changing the integral component proportions of the dough itself. Discuss.
You know, no one has ever called me a whore, slut, slapper, tart, hussy, tramp, trollop, streetwalker, indeed prostitute, or any other derogatory female term, even though I have actually very officially, very publically and very, very literally been all of those things all through my teens. Yet loads of other girls who actually weren't any of these, or merely exhibited minute modicums of slightly flashy dress or makeup for example, frequently had these terms applied to them. I mean, one would think that such terms would be used against each other even *more* at an all-girls school what with the prevalence of adolescent female-bitchyness, yet despite what I always did, and what everyone knew I always did, and the way I constantly dressed and looked and what I so openly goddamn became even just in the presence of a male teacher (let alone walking down the local streets), no one ever applied any to me or subjected me to such behaviour.  It's only now that I've realised it, and when you think about it at face value, it doesn't make any sense at all. Why did the other girls get bitched at with these terms when it wasn't even really true about them and they were guilty of nothing?
Oh god Kingdom Hearts and all its ilk. So boring. So painfully, painfully boring oh my god how do people play these things. God I forgot there are games with storylines and stuff where you don't go from 0 to 900mph in like 5 seconds after you start oh god why oh god the boredom hurts ow
How is Buso Renkin not plagiarising Bleach? I mean, tsundere fighting girl and spiky haired cool guy? Plus that sappy chick with the long hair is basically Orihime. And Papillon is so just Ishida (and perceived rivalslash) carried through to the ultimate logical conclusion. 

(Also is it weird to find Papillion kinda hot?)
Good god Sendai Kamotsu.  Gakuen Heaven meets Slipknot with guest choreography by Marilyn Manson.  Wtf Japan.
I have just seen a certain video of a certain (male) J pop (rock?) star and I'm sorry but I just have to say SKANK! SKANK! OH MY GOD WHO TOLD YOU TO WEAR THAT COSTUME?  IS IT EVEN LEGAL? OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU A RENT BOY??? ARE YOU??? WTF WTF 

Thank you and good night.



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