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Why is there not SeimeixRitsu? There should be SeimeixRitsu. With knives, and eye-sporking. And more SeimeixRitsuka. Seimei needs more love, the creepy little OCD pederast. 

Also talking of eye-sporking-- To the CANNOT UNSEE IT pairing I am currently oh-so-shamefully, oh-so-painfully tentatively venturing into as one might tentatively venture into a bath of plutonium: 

I am pushing down so many mental barriers even though its like watching a really horrifyingly fascinating car crash so why why can't you give me any fic that is somewhat decent and doesn't set off every single one of my ohgodhelpmetakeitaway squiks? PLease? Just a few, nice, good fics that don't make it burn and sting where the feelings are. That's all I ask.

Argh. It's like that bit in 'Bridget Jones' where she talks about going to Jacobs and Nicole Farhi and being so freaked out it sends her 'scuttling back to Miss Selfridge and Warehouse'. It's sort of tantalisingly alluring in the abstract but when you actually search for and start reading the fics and whilst they're good, yes, suddenly its not what I expected and then the owmychildhood and the burningmysoul and so I go scuttling back to the safe, pretty haven of Loveless and SeixSub and GinxKira and GojyoxHakkai and Muraki and SanadaxYukimura and TezuFuji and YagyuuxNiou and sappy AsuKira, DeaYza and stuff. Gah, it just feels so creepy and unusual. Perhaps I should return to the paragons of two-dimensional perfection, all lean, winnowy limbs and longing glances, scattered cherry-blossoms and kisses that taste of rain, shards of glass and blood and slim, pale necks supine under moonlight; the achingly sublime, unspoken melancholic longing that tears deep emotional vibrations with all the lyricism of The Waste Land and the Ariel Poems combined........


no but seriously, sex isn't something that should really venture into the three-dimensional world.  The real world isn't romanticised or aesthetically-pleasing or unrealistic enough.
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