What the hell is up with Americans and the whole obsession with having to drink milk if eating biscuits? The very idea makes me feel nauseous in the extreme. I wonder where the tradition takes its origins. 
Ever since I first found exit trance I wondered why they hadn't done BL themes BUT THEY HAVE AND THEY ROCK. Except for what they did with Eden. It sounds like someone suffering from a stroke.

The tracklist is almost EXACTLY what I'd always envisioned: something from Gravi, Loveless, Sukisyo, YnoM, Code Geass, Gundam Seed/Destiny, Gakuen Heaven, Tenipuri, KKM, Junjou Ro-goddamn-mantica, Gundam 00, at least one song, if not more with, connections to TMR and/or Daisuke Asakura (and/or Yuki Kajiura). It's so happy and nostalgic.

I never though of couple of the others as actually BL (because, lets face it, they really aren't. They're essentially pure and utter shojou het, Ouran and Code Geass I'm looking at YOU) but I suppose they're sort of obvious. There aren't many others to choose from really, especially when popularity is a major factor, though I did think Fafner and/or EVA might be on considering the popularity of their songs as remixes. But then especially EVA is the preserve of hentai lolicon lovers and bringing Kaworu into it would probably make them so uncomfortable they'd have to flay their skin off or something. And also Zan-bloody-koku na Tenshi no Effing-Thesis has been done to death. I wish they'd done DEAD SET though. 

I don't know why so many certain arenas seem to be like 'OMG Exit Trance have 'GONE THERE', as if doing a BL disk is somehow heathen and bizarre. Wish they'd made they cover more... titillating though. So much wasted potential! They have enough covers with loli anime chicks in glorified underwear with their legs spread. Unfair.

I can't wait for Bl Trance 2. They'd better make it. With a decent cover.
I just watched Dream Live 3rd. Atobe's actor wears... rather distinctive trousers. And the Good Combination has... choreography.  Involving many... 'doubles pairs'.

I now have quite severe arrhythmia.  

This is not something to be proud of.

ETA: Eiji's actor actually seems kind of... happy. And sort of bouncy. Which is rather unusual for him as he seems to constantly exude an air of deep-seated, Blanche Dubois-esque melancholia, giving him an otherworldly, ethereal, heartrending-ness which works for characters like Sakamoto-sama (PuriPuriD) but.... whilst certainly reflecting the Eiji of a certain part of the fandom's fiction, is not exactly how I think the essence of canon Eiji is meant to be envisioned. Eiji is more... 'genki', whereas the actor... he's usually rather...not what I'd say 'in need of prozac' because it doesn't seem like that kind of unhappiness. In need of double-vodka-redbull and cocaine, that marvelous cocktail that got me through my mid-teens? Hmmm no, unlike me most people probably would not thrive on that.  He just... usually looks like he needs someone too give him a hug and tell him it's okay.  But here he doesn't so much. Thus Dream 3rd rather takes one aback. I wonder what changed? 
Very few people seem to have noticed just how unbelievably... Freudian many of the Tenimyu lyrics are. Honestly, I remember the first time I heard 'Do Your Best' (and I wasn't laughing myself sick) I wondered what the hell they were singing about. It must say something incredibly pertinent when the only English(ish) words in the song (emphasised, no less) are 'SATISFACTION', 'VIBRATION', POWER', 'HARD ACTION' etc. I mean, you're only a few participles away from the writeup on the back of a porno DVD.

Ahhhhhhbut then that['s why we love it so. God bless Japan.

I'm going to end up writing some sort of thesis on this now.
Frogs. Frogs. I... just... I... Apparently there are no limits.
Oh dear. Oh dear. Delicious Gakuin. Oh dear.

Whoever created the thing is a bloody genius.
J-drama is so... unique. As is their rather bizarre proclivity towards turning everything into a musical. And the ease with which one can discover yet another show which makes PuriPuriD look like Tolstoy. Ho Hum.
I think that it says something very pertinent about The Sims 3 when even the models on NEWSEA look like fat, ugly, cross-eyed mongols. Furthermore, this perfectly illustrates why I will have absoloutely nothing to do with the offending article of software, unless they drastically alter the sim design in some future 'Etherally Beautiful' expansion pack or something.
I'm afraid I could never get behind (as it were) the seemingly overwhelming trend for super-seme!Hakkai. I remember when it first began to proliferate through the journals and even then it didn't really grab me, despite the apparent adulation it received everywhere else.

Ah well.
So I was writing porn and I accidentally got Ishida Uryuu mixed up with Ari from Okage...


Mar. 17th, 2009 12:51 am

Why are all the things I ever write fic about so completely random canons that no one would understand or follow, and also are years and years behind the times. aaa

Also good god why always tastes like fire and acid? Just like the good old days with burning esophagus and throwing up blood.

I can't get the Ishida arm thing out of my head dear god I'm so fucked up its more obseesive than any of the eye things or anything god it shouldnt turn me on why does it turn me on
Nothing like 4chan to make you realise kinks you didn't even know how to properly articulate.

GOD I need Fuuma/Subaru/Seishirou eye-fucking. As in eye-sockets. And fucking. And... oh my god  I'm meant to finish an essay by midnight and GOD I keep thinking about the mechanics of X eye-fucking *cry*.

ETA. How could I have forgotten Loveless? oh my we could have some fun with that

ETA 2: And Tsubasa of course

ETA 3: How about any CLAMP series.

ETA 4: And possibly Yami no Matsuei

ETA 5: And of course, our darling Hakkai might qualify

ETA 6: Isn't there a character in BLEACH who rips out his eyes?

ETA 7: What the hell kinda fetish do the Japanese have with eyes?
I suppose my journal title is rather obsolete now

ETA 02/02/09

Apparently not; thank you Barclay Brothers
Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuupra. Oh baby oh baby yes.
Dear god please dont send me down
Life seems to follow a rather repetitive pattern. This must be the third time now.
Also I am fed up with stupid people. Yes.
Is this layout too Gothy? No, really



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