Jul. 9th, 2011


Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 13

Ohyesohyesohyesohyes. Magia. Magia. Though with the recent quality of ET stuff, loss of old names and shift towards more and more goddamn moeblob crap it will be OHSODIRE. Like the PSG stuff of ET12 I MEAN REALLY. I should be glad that they didn't attempt to tackle Corset Theme. I haven't liked an ET album for a while. What happened, ET? Remember Nowhere? Oblivious? Uninstall? Naraku no Hana? Brilliant stuff. AKATSUKI NO KURUMA = SUBLIME.


So why all this eurobeat jpop moeshit?  

Lose the lolis. So sick of goddamn loli jpop chiptune voices and genki-'humourous'-'joke' type stuff. Get adult female voices. Or MALE VOICES?! Like the BL album, that rocked (aside from Ryu's BATSHITINSANE version of Eden. That was so so painful). Get Takanori doing more stuff! His voice is cool, it always reminds me of a really bouncy, sporty uke-but-kinda-swaparound from a generic-all-boys-school-bl-anime type thing. Or Yusuke, his voice is like pure liquid sex ohhhhhhhhhhh the first 'tojite' of Kiss.I CAME. Or even Yuki. And I would even totally embrace more tenimyu stuff just for the lolz (and to be fair some are actually decent songs, musically. Aoku moeru honoo was good.)And I know we're in a recession, but the obsession with vocaloid/utatte mitta is getting beyond the pail. I know vocaloids are cheaper than proper humans and utatte mitta singers are cheaper than professional big names, and vocaloid/utatte/niconico producers won't demand the royalties or need to be paid the fees that established producers do but still... It gets kind of... wearing. I suppose its the musical equivalent of sweatshop labour. But its just boring, musically. argh. Magia's gonna be kinda crap isn't it. Oh well, Muzik Servant's mix still rocks so hard.



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