Aug. 11th, 2010

You know, a good number of my all-time-favourite pairings have never gone anywhere because 90% of the fandom see/write them the opposite way round to how I fundamentally see their characters, and it really, really, oh-so-really badly squicks me.

Yet again, I find this happening. Goddamit




RitsukaxSoubi (though fandom perception is now changing somewhat)

GojyoxHakkai (I actually remember when this flip round occurred. It almost seemed like a rather ungrounded backlash against popular trends that sadly morphed into a self-perpetuating myth and, very unfortunately, stuck)


GokuxSanzo (not that I really like the essentially asexual Sanzo with anyone, other than Rikudo or Yakumo I suppose, but if you  have to stick him with the hyper big-eyed shota-parody at least have the sense to realise the man is *so* not a top, least of all to *Goku* . Think about it. Goku idolises Gato not from a sexual POV as in oooooh-I-like-big-muscly-bara-hubba-hubba but in his wanting to *become* Gato, when considering Gato's relationship with the fragile, feminine Hazel. Thus Goku wishes to become big and strong like Gato to be the protector and sworn right-hand-man of Sanzo. Gato is to Hazel as Goku is to Sanzo. These parallels are drawn through the arc. Thus, whilst Sanzo may be a pushy, demanding, controlling, manipulative uke, its still essentially comparing him to Hazel in this relationship. Gah I'm too tired to try to explain this coherently but yeah ugetme.)

KoyouyaxYamato (This is there, I assure you. Watch their last episode)

KamuixSubaru (This should be obvious. Open your goddamn eyes people)


KenxAya (not that I really like Aya with anyone, similar to my Sanzo thing, but screw the Height Rule you guys, and screw the fact Koyasu thinks Aya is him. He isn't. Get over it. Move away from the seiyuu. The character is not a 'stoic', he is essentially a whiny, bratty, melodramatic, pretty little mama's boy who has hissy fits when things don't go his way.)

Ishida as an uke (Ishida is actually, beyond the whole externally fripperous facade of knitting, politeness, stereotypically-femenine-activities/whatever, quite reactionary and even, dare I say it, macho/testosterone driven. The whole thing with the hollow bait was basically him trying to prove his dick was bigger than Ichigo's, which is such a guy-thing to do. Seriously.)

HisokaxTsuzuki (Tsuzuki. Would. Not. Top. Hisoka. Hisoka is so, so macho-driven. It's really awful that just because he was raped at 13 and looks like a  pretty teenage girl (and is shorter and has bigger eyes and slimmer shoulders  *SERIOUSLY, DROP THE CLAMP RULES OF SEME/UKE*, fandom immediately condemns him to having everyone and their brother violate his ass. He wants revenge. He's constantly driven by it.He wants to hurt Muraki. Tsuzuki could never, never want revenge, he wouldn't be able to cope with the concept. The more people hurt him, the more he sees it as his own fault and just wants to hurt himself. He is submissive to a fault. He is often put in the position of seducee as well, off the toop of my head with Tatsumi and Muraki, whereas Hisoka never takes that role. Gah there's far more but god i'm so tired.)

Yuki Eiri (this annoys me as I don't really see him as much of a seme really, despite what he wants to be and is. I think the seme-ness may actually be borne out of a fear of what might happen if he were to let go of the control, as we see in the remixes where he's not with Shuichi, where he's turned into a complete and utter submissive whore, gangbanged by members of his own family even. Plus a two week dead sheep could top Shuichi. YukixShuichi is probably my least favourite couple in Gravitation, and I couldn't abide it in the anime, only the manga (which makes Shuichi far, far less two-dimensional [metaphorically, of course])



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